...the end

I am sorry to announce that BerryCart is shutting down it’s mobile rebate service, iOS, and Android apps on Oct 14th, 2019. All rebates and cashouts requests must be submitted prior to this date.

Why is BerryCart shutting down?

Four years ago I quit my job, emptied my savings account, and started BerryCart with the goal of introducing great natural products to new customers.

The community of Mom bloggers and health conscious shoppers were quick to use and promote BerryCart. Likewise, many of the grass-roots healthy food brands that shared the same mission were willing to take a chance on the service, and BerryCart was off to the races.

Despite the fact that BerryCart was growing, it was also losing money. Unfortunately, the money ran out before BerryCart could turn a profit. With no money to grow the business (or pay my bills), I took a full-time job with the expectation that BerryCart would screech to a halt once I took my foot off the gas. To my surprise, however, BerryCart kept going. The majority of brands stayed on BerryCart and shoppers continued using the app. So, I decided to do my part to keep BerryCart running on a shoe-string budget as long as the remaining brands and users benefited from it.

Now, three years later, it is finally time to call it quits. Without the resources to make needed improvements to the app or recruit new brands, BerryCart is not providing the experience that its shoppers or participating brands deserve.

So, I want to thank all of the BerryCart users, brands, and advocates who supported BerryCart over the years. I wish you the best of luck in eating healthy and thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn a lot of valuable lessons and build a product that touched hundreds of thousands of you.

Kind Regards,
Erik Melander
Founder and CEO of Berrycart