Berry Helpful Review Reward


On Monday at 10:00am PST, if your review was tagged as a "Helpful" review the most times that week, you will win a free product. If the Most Helpful Review was yours, then you will be notified via email and a rebate in an amount approximately equivalent to a free product will be enabled for you within the BerryCart app. This rebate can be redeemed the same way as all other rebates in BerryCart.


You are not allowed to create multiple accounts to tag your own product review. However, you are encouraged to share your product review with your friends. If they tag it as "helpful", that is fair game.

Offers with a FREE Berry Helpful Review Award

Only the following participating offers are eligible for the FREE product reward. We still encourage you to do the best review you can, but no free stuff on the others at this time.

Mulberry Love Organic Mulberry Juice

Mulberry Love Organic Mulberry Juice
Organic | Vegan | Soy-free | Dairy-free | Nut-free
8 oz
$0.75 Cashback

Cup4Cup Gluten-Free Flours and Baking Mixes

Cup4Cup Gluten-Free Flours and Baking Mixes
Gluten-free | Non-GMO | Kosher
Choose any Flour, Wholesome Flour, Pizza, Pancake, or Brownie mixes.
$2.00 Cashback