Drink Coffee in the Morning, and Tea at Night. Here’s Why

You shouldn’t have to choose between the delicious taste of tea or a refreshing cup of coffee. The good news is, is that you can drink both. Each of these staples are in millions of people’s lives. Two drinks we look forward to every day. What is a morning without coffee? Or a hot cup of tea on a snowy evening? You can incorporate both these drinks into your day for added health benefits, a boost of caffeine, and a delightful taste.

History Doesn’t Lie

Tea and coffee have been in existence for literally hundreds of years. Coffee is one of the most highly traded and sold commodities and is a huge force in the worldwide market. Tea originated in China, where it was used as a drink to help heal. Both drinks have antioxidants in them (some brews more than others) that help fight illness and help heal. Both are also plant based and grown in many regions around the globe. Also, both have not only existed but thrived since their creation and discovery. Now, they are a daily part of millions of people’s routines.

More and More

There are lots of other health benefits for both coffee and tea. Coffee studies have shown that it helps your blood clot faster which can prevent excessive bleeding, it increases kidney function, promotes healthy eyes, as well as nails and hair. It also provides endurance, and a few other health benefits. Tea is no stranger to added benefits either. Studies have shown that tea drinkers can reduce the risk of heart disease, clogged arteries, promote better cognitive functions, lower cholesterol, and assist in weight-loss.

Drink Coffee When?

Coffee can be enjoyed either hot or cold. There are many additions you can put in your coffee, but to receive the maximum health benefits, it is encouraged that you stay away from anything artificial. Coffee has a much higher concentration of caffeine and is more potent.

Many people love drinking coffee in the mornings because the caffeine is a stimulant that increases brain function. Drinking coffee in the late afternoon or evening hours can interfere with your sleeping schedule. So, if you want to be awake all night, morning time is the best time to enjoy your favorite cup of Joe.

Drink Tea When?

Tea and coffee can both come in decaffeinated forms which can be consumed throughout the day. Black tea has more caffeine in it the than green tea, so the timing should be a factor when enjoying your cup. Tea generally has less caffeine in it than coffee. Many teas like chamomile are used to help promote sleep. Tea can also be consumed hot or cold, but hot tea soothes the mind and body and encourages the winding down process after a long day.

Caffeine: Less or More

Both brews and time can play a factor into the strength of tea or coffee. Darker roasts of coffee have less caffeine because the bean has been processed more. Lighter roasts have beans that had less tampering, and therefore the caffeine dosage will be stronger.

Teas depend on the type and steeping time. Black tea is known to have more caffeine, and steeping your tea for longer also increases the level too. Keep in mind that steeping it for too long can result in a tea that is too bitter.

You can have your tea and your coffee too! It is best to have the most highly-caffeinated drink in the morning, which, according to some studies, is coffee. Tea, especially herbal and decaffeinated tea, is best for relaxing both mind and body and encouraging a restful evening.

Bio: Sarah never forgets to enjoy a cup of coffee and tea every day. On We Dream of Coffee, you’ll know why she loves these drinks so much and why you should too.