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Thanks For a Wonderful Run with the BerryCart Box!

Thank you BerryCart users for having a trial run with our BerryCart Box! It didn’t reach our goals as we intended so we discontinued it, unfortunately, and refunded any users who wanted to try it out or continue the service! We do apologize for the inconvenience but we are so so glad that you all enjoyed it! These brands are still on the BerryCart Deals page! Yum!

Personally, have tried a good fair of these… I give them great ratings!

From a vegan who likes some good snacks:

– Beanfields: crunchy and tastes like Nachos with lots of good powder!
– Laughing Giraffe Chocolate Snackaroons: soft with total coconut and chocolate goodness… mm, and they come in travel size!
– I Heart Keenwah: crunchy but such a good good square… mmm!
– World Peas: vegan depends on the flavor but they are crunchy and easy to eat!
– Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts: absolutely perfect for salads, oatmeal, hot veg meals, noodles, rice, on their own, blended with cheese, topped onto juices and smoothies! travel size and full size!
– Simple Squares: it’s huge! it’s not tiny, that’s for sure. and it is so soft and delicious. yum!
– Kutoa: Crunchy, sweet, and nutritious, and very nutrient-dense! and I’m glad that they donate a bar to a hungry child in need too!

Don’t take it personally that I haven’t tried Pyure or Ips.. fruit and vegan are my excuses. 🙂


Author: Christine

Healthy Subscription Box!



The BerryCart Box

BerryCart is a new monthly subscription box that will allow people to try 9-10 organic, non-GMO, and all-around healthy products.  Enjoy new snacks and exclusive cash-back rebates to use in your app!

Sneak Peak: In the April box, we currently have 9 products, 5 are full-sized.  Here is the breakdown:

–        8 Non-GMO

–        5 Organic

–        6 gluten-free

–        4 Vegan

–        3 Kosher

–        4 Soy Free

–        5 Dairy-Free


Enjoy a $5 cash back rebate with our new BerryCart Box too, good for either 1 month or 3 month plan!



Did you know that if you refer a BerryCart Box to a new subscriber that orders, that $5 is applied to your account?

Happy BerryCart’in!


Author: Christine